How to Install ShareThis on Drupal


ShareThis provides a module for Drupal version 7+. This module and plugin offers publishers to choose ShareThis widget version 4.x and version 5.x. i.e. classic and multipost respectively. Publishers may choose the following button styles:

  1. Large Icons
  2. Small Icons
  3. Classic Buttons
  4. Horizontal Counters
  5. Vertical Counters

Install Procedure

  1. Download the module from Drupal community site.

  2. Extract the ShareThis directory into your Drupal installation's /sites/all/modules directory

  3. Click on Modules in the admin menu.

  4. Scroll down to the sharing subheading, click enabled checkbox, and save.

  5. In the module's admin menu, unders sharing, click "configure".

  6. Choose the options your prefer and save!