What is the Pulldown Bar?


The ShareThis Pulldown Bar is another sharing solution available, if you do not want to put sharing buttons on your page but want them present only if the user is engaging with the content. This frees up your site design and helps it keep cleaner.

The Pulldown Bar is placed at the top of the page, but appears only when the user scrolls down. 

The Pull Down Bar has the following features:

Sharing Buttons

Goes without saying. Pick the services you like and include a Facebook Like button, Twitter follow button or create a custom button. Custom buttons can go to any link on your site that you want to promote.

You can add your brand or a partner brand/advertiser logo to this bar. The recommended format for the image is transparent PNG with a maximum width of 300px and maximum height of 50px.

Please note that share bars are not compatible on mobile at this time. ShareThis buttons are recommended to be used instead.

This will remove the widget from appearing on mobile:
  • mobileWidget: false
<script type="text/javascript"> stLight.options({ publisher:INSERTYOURPUBKEY, mobileWidget: "false"});</script> });